New Years in Buenos Aires


I'm searching for a wild and crazy New Years party here in Buenos Aires... I'm talking champagne, fire trucks and midgets!

Its hard to believe that a city as lively as this doesn't have something great going on for the new year.

Any ideas?


I went to this party last year, and am thinking of going again:

It was a decent party. No midgets, but a lot of quite short people. If you wanted firetrucks, you could always call in a fake bomb scare halfway through -- although there's a good chance the firemen will be drunk and won't bother showing up.

Remember, most of the parties kick off after 2am, as the local young folk will all be going wild with their parents and grandparents at home at midnight. If you've got nothing to do until 2, I would recommend partying in one of the big hostels (like Millhouse, if they'll let you in) until then.