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Jan 24, 2010
Hi everyone...I was surfing the net and thought of searching for an employer who is willing to sponsor a worker..well anyway, I clicked a link about a couple who is looking for a nanny for their child and I was lead to this site..honestly I've only known Buenos Aires from a game called Chocolatier, where in Buenos Aires is one of the place that supplies the secret ingredients.:D Anyways, you can't blame me for I am a nurse, and my life is routinely spent in my work and our home, so you see, I can't be that good when it comes to Geography. I am working as a clinic nurse here in Manila, actually, it is a Skin Clinic, so I am so happy to be working there, because we are allowed to use the machines on ourselves, like the diamond peel and sometimes the hair removal machine (a dream job,lol). But you see, I am already on my late 20s and not established anything..that's why I am really wishing to work abroad to seek for a better job, something that I will be well compensated for the work that I will be doing. The world knows that my country is one of the listed as a Third world country, and nurses here are all overworked but underpayed.:(I previously worked in a hospital, in the Nursery/NICU department, I resigned after 7 mos. because I decided to take a review course for my NCLEX( U.S. Nurse License), thank God I passed the exam, but the U.S. hold all their hiring for nurses. I applied on my current job and was accepted, but know I am intending to leave my country to work abroad, if only there will be an employer to hire me, even not as a nurse, because I can work as a carer or even a nanny. I am very hard working person, I easily adopt and deal with the people around me. Thanks to my parents , I was raised as a God-fearing person. Although I am still single, I am good at children, it's because I have 3 nieces and a nephew, and I am proud to say that all these 4 kids , loves their "tita"(aunt) very much.Anyway, if anybody here is interested in hiring a "yaya" (nanny or carer) for their child or for their parents, or if you know someone who is interested to hire a nurse, pls let me know...maybe some of you will be raising their eyebrows, because of my post, i am sorry if I offended this forum in any way.:eek:

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Marion :)
I am sorry to tell you that you picked the wrong country.
Argentina is literally financially broke(read the nes about the banking conflict here).Salaries are not much better than in your country, and still you probably do not speak Spanish either.
I would suggest you to look into moving to an European country, like England, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland,etc.
Your only chance here could be to work as a nanny for a foreign diplomat, (to look after their children,etc).
Good luck

EUrope is your target. Having reasonable command of English you can find job in GB or Northern Ireland quite easy. Mostly in smaller towns.

Drop me a line if you need some local info about Northern Ireland.