Nice Andean/german Villages

I was wondering if anyone can recommend nice villages in the Andes, maybe picturesque, with fresh mountain air and a German vibe, although not necessary. I'm not talking about places like San Martin de los Andes, which are expensive resorts. I mean nice villages, quiet, not too expensive that would be good to spend a few months in.


Try checking out the sierras towns of Córdoba. La Cumbre has a nice feel to it, clean air, warm temps in the day, cool temps in the evening, and an aero-sports school if you are adventurous.

Route 38 in Córdoba Province has several smaller towns with clean air, nice people, lower cost of living, and mountain views.

From the north, there's San Marcos Sierras, a quaint hippie town with a very hippie feel.

Further south, you have Villa Carlos Paz, right on the lake with the sierras in view.

I second Villa General Belgrano...unfortunately, this past weekend was their annual Oktoberfest, but a quick google search will give you the dates of the other German festivals on schedule.

I recommend take a week or a few and travel between the towns to see which ones appeal to you.
Without wishing to sound facetious but gong to the Bavarian Alps would be your best bet....and probably cheaper. Around 40 years ago I spent a glorious few days in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen area.


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This article on Cumbrecita appeared in CNN.

I spent a day there once and it's OK but might get old pretty quick. Villa General Belgrano is more of a town and the surroundings are good for a bit more exploring with more to do. Hiking to El Champaqui was a nice excursion from Villa Alpina.