Nintendo DS: where to buy power cord


Even with all my careful planning, I still forgot the power cord for my Nintendo DS and have not been able to find one (or any store that even sells Nintendo DS). I've been using the Spanish Tutor they have and it was working pretty well until the battery died.
Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a power cord?


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You can get a power converter and an outlet adapter at any electricity shop. No need to go as far as getting the 220v power supply. The Wii for example, works fine here and even while it's imported, comes with a 110V power supply in the box. I hope this helps.


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Ask around in the galarias close to Pacifico at Pacifico. There are many computer stores, if they can help you somewhere it´s there
try shops in Parana street (the street for audio and video) between Corrientes ave. and Rivadavia ave.Another option is Ecuador st. between Santa Fe ave and Güemes st . It's specialized on electronics and plugs.
So that auction is closed.

There is a store in the techno plaza on Florida that sells chargers as well as universal adapters that will connect ipod/DS/gameboy/etc/etc into a USB port. They want 100-150 pesos for stuff like that.

Who wants to let me use their power cord so that I can finally play Tecmo Bowl DS?