non-surgical face-lift workshop


Oct 1, 2006
Last year I ws asked by people on this list to let them know about upcoming workshops when available.

For those of you that do not like the idea of having plastic surgery to defy time, a workshop called the Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift is being offered now in BA. You can go to the site and read more information and also get on the mailing list for future workshops. Here´s the info...

Tuesday September 18th
19 -21:30 HS

The Seminar Price includes a data CD copy of
The Be Ever-Young Book plus Inner Beauty and Lift-Me-Up

The cost is $100 pesos.

Other seminars to be scheduled are about East-West Approaches to Weight, Hormones, Hot Flashes, and more
Per request here is more info on the workshop on Tuesday Sept 18th´in Cap Fed.
The Natural Non-Surgical Face-Lift

Smooth away unsightly wrinkles, reduce puffiness, release ugly tension lines, and lift up your face from the inside out. This is a fun and fascinating workshop.

Participants learn:

* Why the face ages and starts to drop (Western Physiology).

* How to use Facial Renewal Exercises to defy gravity.

* What Your Face "Says" about you (Oriental Visual Diagnosis).

* How to use Acu-Point Therapy (Acupressure) to reduce puffiness, tone underlying tissues, alleviate headaches, TMJ, teeth clenching/grinding and sinus problems.

* How to RELAX and to become EMPOWERED letting beauty and confidence shine from the inside out.

Participants experience a fully facilitated Inner Beauty Guided Imagery Session. This session infuses participants with confidence, self-esteem, self-power and the skills needed to feel calm, secure and yes, beautiful !
Due to a last minute cancellation there is a spot open for this workshop. Email [email protected] to register for tomorrow (Tuesday) night. It is in Cap Fed on the B line.