Nonprofit organization seeks volunteer fundraising director


Mar 21, 2009
Arts organization in Buenos Aires (Almagro)
Fundraising goal: $1,000,000US in six years

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even in countries and places with lots of funds and sources of money available. it would be considered a totally unfeaseable suggestion for a volunteer to raise 1 mil usa in six years. any interested parties beware and dont get taken for a ride. investigate if you want to, but be on guard for your own time, funds and connections and those of people you know. any reputable organization would be offering much more information than this come on.
The organization has already received donations and grants totallying $100,000US to get their project started. They need someone with experience in fundraising to set up the program and implement its promotion to a worldwide audience.

I met with the principles of the organization on Saturday. I am going to help them in any way I can, but I don't have the fundraising campaign experience they need.

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