Nonprofit Nerd in BA


Oct 28, 2008
Hiya all,

I've been living in Buenos Aires for about eight months now, which is not that long of a time really. I moved here with my job through,
which is a nonprofit portal for the social sector. Basically, we try to help people help.
There's also a sister site down here in lists everything from volunteer opportunities to nonprofit jobs.

We're going to be starting a project that helps to inspire, facilitate and supports foreigners doing good work in all of Latin America. It's just in its beginning stages, but the basic idea is this: we know people want to help. And they don't want to pay. So how can we support them in doing this? We want to help people access all avenues of involvement, from volunteering to jumpstarting your own project to creating a nonprofit.

We've just created a Facebook group and an Idealist Group to start getting the community together to share experiences/knowledge about getting involved not only in Buenos Aires, but in all of Latin America. You can check it out here:

Do-Gooders in Latin America | Facebook and here: - Do-Gooders in Latin America

I'm just in the beginning stages of research, so any help would be appreciated. If anybody has any ideas on what the community needs in terms of getting involved, please shoot them my way.

Any more questions, please feel free to contact me: [email protected].

Thank you for the information. I like the site. See you at some volunteer events.