NYC Bagels


Feb 17, 2007
Hi, does anyone know where to buy authentic NY bagels, lox and/or cream cheese? My favorites in NYC were H & H Bagels.
Ive been here almost 5 years. ive been around!!! i havent found any bagels that were really bagels. they are very easy to make, so i dont know why they dont have them! that part i cant explain, but when i did "find" bagels, they really werent bagels. There is also a large jewish community here, but again, i havent found them. martinez had a place apparently (its super rich) but when i went there, the location was a clothing store.
I think the stuff in the bakeries, other than bread, really sucks. theres nothing in them im interested in at all, and each one in town has the same stuff. low quality requiring low baking skills.
theres a woman in san telmo who has a little shop with stuff she makes at home. some muffins and home made bread that can be good. not exactly a bakery but nice to have. Its called Harlem. look for the big-lipped very black face in the window.
Baking I guess isn't that hard. i could make most, if not all, of the stuff i miss or want. But i never really learned how to and i can barely make pancakes. People used to make their own doughnuts at home a few generations ago and bread too. guess weve forgotten how to do all of that.
If you can bake, the good news is they have all of the ingredients here for things.
Umm.... I think the white bread that people eat here is the same as the bagel. I agree that you should enjoy the differences, and not revel in the things you miss, but really, let's not start attacking people for missing things that they have come acustom to. When in the states, we would drive an hour to get authenic argentine food, because my husband missed it (he is obviously argentine)
I repeat, so far, in 5 years, i haven't found any bagels in argentina, not just BA, that were really bagels. bagel joints are pretty common back home and for some are required Sunday visits with their new york times. so im sure its something, some people miss or would like to find if possible.
Not sure where tanghettos comments are coming from, but i must disagree completely. juices loaded with high fructose corn syrup and sugar here. when i read the labels, i find junk, junk and more junk inside. they LOVE soda pop like pepsi and coke. they have it with almost every meal. they love hamburgers and hot dogs. labels on many many products i read list beef fat, lots and lots and lots of sugar.
They use an abbrebiation here for high fructose corn syrup, so maybe some of you arent even aware how much of it you are eating and drinking as its in many things here.
I havent had ONE good tomato all summer, so whats he talking about?? Pointless bickering is, well,........pointless. Ive seen a lot of food here in 5 years and lots of supermarket visits that wouldnt back up what hes saying about argentina being the land of healthy food.
(looking out the window now i see a big cloud of wafting smoke from a truck, filling the whole street, baby carriages passing through the toxics. maybe this kind of complete disregard for health has something to do with the food they eat. they eat just as much junk food here, but arent as fat ill give them that.)
I have to agree with JG on this one. The Argentine diet is healthy? Are you kidding me? When you think about a healthy diet you think about parts of Italy and Japan. You do not think about Argentina. I would like to see some stats here on the number of triple and quadruple bypasses done here due to all of the red meat consumption. I can't tell you how many times I've gone to a small grocer here and asked for pure orange juice and been directed to Cepita (which tastes great) but is like a pound of sugar to every 3 drops of orange juice. How many times have you looked at a restaurant menu with 4 pages of options and 2 vegetable dishes. How many times have you gone to a Eastern restaurant in BA and half of the vegetagle dishes that you have become accustomed to in other countries are not on the menu here due to lack of local interest. How many times have you walked down Sante Fe and seen all of the fast food chain restaurants overflowing with Argentine customers (and they are not ordering salads). How many times a day do I have to open the windows in my apartment to air out the smoke seeping into my apartment from neighbors above, below, and beside me that all have young children living with them. Starvation and liposuction do not a healthy population make. Loving your country is one thing but please....get a grip on reality for God's sake.
Wow, I didn't mean to set off a huge food debate :) It looks like I will have to have friends bring me bagels from NYC when they visit. Just for the record, tanghetto, the food in NYC has much variety and can be very healthy since there are so many options. Unless you have visited every state and know all the food offered in a country as large and varied as the US, you should be careful about generalizing. It is much easier to find many healthy options on menus than here, esp. in states like California, New York and Washington that are very health conscious. Red meat is considered very unhealthy in the US so I generally look for options like fish, lean chicken, etc and eat LOTS of vegetables and some fruits, whole grains etc. We don't sit around eating breads and sweets all day and there are very few New Yorkers that have weight issues (also, lots of walking in the city helps). BTW the huge amounts of empanadas, dulce de leche and parilla that people eat here are not healthy options :)
Here's a news flash for you. People can actually be slim and extremely unhealthy.
While they won't stand up to an H&H bagel, the best (really, the only reasonably close to real) bagels I've found here are at Big Mamma on Juramento in Belgrano (they used to have one in Las Canitas as well (on Matienzo), but it's been changed to "Mama Europa" - I haven't checked it out since the change). The bagels are at least as good as what you might get in an average quality deli in New York and work when you need a "fix". Lox, unfortunately, is not available here - you'll have to settle for plain smoked salmon.
Great! Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate your courtesy and helpfulness (unlike another person posting replies on this site :-(
It's nice to know that there are polite people who are interested in helping others and welcoming them to a new city. Much thanks!!
Great,thanksfor the info! The soho/village vibe sounds great also. All the best, Simone