Obama - man of peace


Apr 26, 2009
Have to admit he hasn't actually done anything to deserve this yet. But can't wait to hear the spluttering, purple-faced rage from our usual left/right extremist posters.

Let's hear it boys and gals!
It would seem to diminish the prize to give it to someone who has not done anything, who has had only a few months in office as President and who before that served briefly as a senator and a little longer as a state legislator. There are a lot of people working hard every day to achieve peace and justice. Why Obama? It's obviously the politically correct thing to do.
Yes I think there's a little too much Obama-loving going on here. I think even Obama heard the news and thought "Whaaaa?" -- at least wait until he's completed one term in office, and he hasn't actually done much for nuclear talks yet. If you ask me the honor of a Nobel Prize is being watered down these days anyway, but this just makes that point so much more obvious.
diminished and debased the nobel prize? Erm, I think you'll find they did that decades ago when they started giving it to former "terrorists" and politicians carrying out wars around the world. It seems to get the NPP, you have to start off killing a lot of people...then say to yourself, "right, I've killed enough, I'm going to stop" and then they'll say "hey, you stopped killing people, have a million dollars."
harpo said:
Have to admit [Obama] hasn't actually done anything to deserve [the Nobel prize for peace] yet. . . .
Let's hope that the school prize for penmanship was the last award we thought given for genuine merit!

This award is itself a peace offering, given to show that the world (well, okay, perhaps just the West) still loves America: it just hates some of our rulers.
I have to admit, I found it shocking. I did like the explanation one of my friends came up with though. She wrote to me:

"I join that crowd that thought it was an Onion feed.
Bizarre for sure.

And I guess they were hoping this would give him the clout to actually get some good stuff done - in the future.

We've had pre-emptive war. Maybe this is pre-emptive peace.
Hey, he didn't get the Olympics, he was danged if wasn't gonna get the peace prize.

Kissinger, Mother Teresa, F W De Klerk, Arafat, Rabin, Jimmy Carter... he's in fine company now.

Sorry Mr. Tsvangirai but you should devote a bit more time to PR (when you are not too busy avoiding being imprisoned/tortured/killed, negotiating with a violent megalomaniac or trying to prevent your country from completely disintegrating that is).
Um.. Moxon - it's not as though he campaigned for this. The nominees don't typically know they are even being considered, have a say in the process or lobby for themselves.

Agree or disagree with the decision by the committee but it's ridiculous to imply there was some sort of plot by Obama to be awarded this.