Office workspace


Jan 14, 2009
Hey fellow expaters

I am looking for alternatives to working from home. I currently run a graphic design business out of the states, but work from my apartment here in BA. Work accommodations/space has changed and I am looking for an affordable space where I can go - have access to internet (wifi) and work a semi-normal 9-5 schedule 4 to 5 days a week. I am aware of a place called areatres ( - which is basically what I am after- but a bit robust in teh services fro what I really need. I would also like some alternatives before making my final decision. Before anyone suggests it, working from a cafe/bar is not really an option as I am after/need a more semi-private location where I will not be pressured to order food/drink or even leave in addition to conducting short business calls when needed. Any ideas, let me know and thanks in advance fro your suggestions.

P.S. I leave in Palermo Soho - so I would prefer to stay in or around that area.