Olympic Coverage on TV


Jul 13, 2005
Hey -- Does anyone know which channel will be covering the Olympics, or where I could find a full schedule for tv coverage? My cousin is on the Canadian Olympic Team for long track speed skating and I want to make sure I see her (this is not a high profile event, so hard to catch as it is). They think she'll medal in the 1500 and she's competing in the Team Pursuit as well so I would really love to see it. I know what dates her events are on, it's just trying to find out where I can see them here, or if they'll even be broadcast.

Thanks for your help!
Hmm. I would suggest checking out the web broadcast options from Torino. Check out the national TV companies in the countries where skating is big, e.g. Netherlands or Norway. The Norwegian Broadcasting Service NRK does carry a live stream on www.nrk.no, which you need to sign up for. Good luck with the Norwegian instructions--- should be understandable, though.
Actually Kristina's mum is Norwegian so if I have any problems I'll ask them, thanks a lot! She's competing 5 different times over the 2 weeks so hopefully I will be able to catch something.