OMG, seriously?

It's hilariously, knee-slappingly entertaining until you realize... it's all actually happening and half the country adores her but more importantly, listens to her.
exaclty, she's a media attraction just because of how retarded she is. Even I can't wait to see her fuck up on tv with her "facts". Even people that dislike her would want to see her.
Beck, O'reilly and now Palin... the only other idiot missing at FOX NEWS is Elizabeth Hasselbeck.
Palin is just a symptom of a dumbed down media that prefers to focus on the superficial rather than deal with real issues. The TV networks would rather waste time analyzing Obama's silly bows before an Arab potentate and a Japanese emperor than deal with little facts like his escalation of the war in Iraq/Iran or his failure to deliver universal health care. If the American people are uninformed the media has played a large part in their ignorance.