One way ticket


Nov 25, 2009
So last July I visited Argentina for 30 days. Now I plan on returning to Buenos Aires to live.

One question that I have is that will I have any issues with my one way ticket and 90 day tourist visa?
Hi Trabano

It depends where you are from, where you are flying from and which airline you use. Best thing to do is call the airline up beforehand.
So I will be coming from California and travelling with LAN Airlines. The flight will make a stop in Chile and then BsAs.

I own a flat in BA so I don't think there should be a problem. However, last time a flew down we stopped in Texas and then went to BA. Not so sure about Chile and Argentina being happy without me providing a return ticket.
I (U.S. citizen) flew to Buenos Aires with American Airlines/LAN in August.

St. Louis > JFK (AA)
JFK > Lima (LAN)
Lima > Buenos Aires (LAN)

I didn't have any problems with the airlines or immigration. Another friend of mine flew the same route a few weeks later and didn't have any problems.

If your flight to Chile is just "in transit," you won't even pass through Chilean immigration. You'll just go through a metal detector and that's it.
I flew with LAN in July from new york to buenos aires via lima. They wanted to see my residency papers in new york before I flew, and that was for the return part of my ticket.

If you don't have residency in argentina I'd check before flying, if they won't let you fly one way it might be worth buying a fully refundable return ticket, then canceling when you get to BA.

All of this information has been completely helpful! I think I am just going to buy the one way ticket. I will call the airlines before hand to double check this issue. Thank you everyone!
A one way ticket is likely to be more costly than the round trip ticket.
I got my one-way ticket for just under $500, flying out of JFK and through Mexico City. The American Airlines check-in agents in New York hassled me a little, but I told them I was going to buy my ticket once I arrived. At customs in Argentina, they didn't even ask about when I planned on going home. If they do ask, just say you plan to buy a ticket once you get to your home address (and say that you plan on leaving within 90 days).