Seeking 3 River tickets on March 6


May 31, 2022
Hi all, does anybody have a contact to buy 3 tickets to the River game against Independiente on march 6? Or, does anybody know if there are reliable ways to purchase tickets online? I understand that they're getting harder to find and that we might not be able to
Your best chance is probably to go with a specialized agent. I already went twice with the following company:

They are not cheap (probably around 150 usd for a ticket incl transport and pizza eating …), but they are reliable and trustworthy

Organizing tickets on your own in my view is not recommendable (you might end up with fake useless tickets) if you are not very familiar with the local football / soccer scene.
I might add: once i bought a ticket for a river game via As you pay with a foreign credit card, you also have some protection (against fake tickets, or in case the game gets cancelled). But also this option requires some minimum level of familiarity with the local football scene.
There are a couple of well-reviewed "soccer hosts" on Airbnb Experiences that do organized and guided game-day tours, might be a possibility if you don't want to go it on your own. You just pay them and then they take care of all the dirty work, including buying tickets and getting you in and out of the stadiums safely. Tours are bilingual, and at least one of them includes food and beers. They both have March 6th listed as an available booking date, so I'm assuming that's the River game.
Thanks for the tips and I didn't consider the protection of a credit card charge back, great point. I'll check out the airbnb experiences too. I am an expat here and a socio in tuc just not in buenos aires so I have some ability to navigate the systems but don't know how it works with those big matches. Seems like River tickets are particularly hard to find given their success.

I'm arriving a day early in buenos aires so I might swing by the ticket office to see if they sell them the day before or have any advice