one-way tickets from U.S.


Jul 27, 2005
Hi all,

I'm from S.F. and have been living here for the last 4 months. I was happy to see this site and hope I get a chance to meet some of you.

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. When I bought plane tickets for Bs.As. in March and again in May, I purchased round-trip tickets because I was making some short trips back to SF within 2 or 3 months.

I am going back to SF for a month in September and need to buy my return tickets for BsAs. This time, I don't know how long it will be before I go back to the states. I want to buy a one-way ticket but someone told me I would have problems at the airport if I didn't have evidence that I planned to exit Argentina within 90 days. Does anyone know whether this is true?
I guess it depends on policies of the airline you fly with. I had to fly on a one-way ticked from Atlanta to Buenos Aires by Delta in April. (Actually it was return part of a roundtrip ticket to the States that originated in BA). I kind of anticipated that I may have some problems with that and bought a one way ferry ticket to Uruguay in advance. At the check in at Atlanta I was told that since I do not reside in Argentina permanently I am supposed to have a return ticket otherwise they will not let me on the plane. I showed them ticket to Uruguay. ("Uruguay? Where is it? We don't fly there.") They opened uruguay immigration website and went through all the requirements. For like half an hour 3 people discussed meanings of words "strongly recommended" vs "must". Finally they said: "Do you have 50 dollars for a return ticket?" (I assume from Uruguay to Argentina) I said: "Definitely". -Then you are OK to go, but be ready that they will give you a very hard time on the other side. In Argentina immigration just let me in without any questions. (Your experience may vary, naturally).
I took a one-way flight from Oklahoma city to Chicago to BA and had no problems. Not one person questioned me about it being one way.
What company did you fly with and where did you make a transfer?
We flew United without any problems... They did ask about the return ticket but we just told them we were taking a cruise.

I also encountered some questions but not much. I attemped to book through United and the agent said I needed proof of the return. Since United has a 24 hour period they hold the ticket w/o payment, I hung up and called again. This time I paid for the ticket and told the agent I was returning via a cruise. I left out of Los Angeles and had no problems at the airport. I left with 2 dogs and 5 bags (between 2 of us). I had a layover in Washington D.C. with no problems there either. Argentine customs was no problem.
Hey everyone, thanks for your help. I'm planning to go to tomorrow's weekly party at The Spot and hope I get to meet some of you there.

So Vanessa, you brought two dogs here? So did I. Have you found any places outside of the city where you can take them hiking? The parks here are great, but I think my dogs are desperate for wide open spaces where they can run to their hearts' content.

Not yet... we have been here for about a month and the whole time has been finding an apartment and supplying it (which we have not finished). My boyfriend just told me the above post was his... lol. Still have to go back to Moviestar's main office (which I nicknamed "hell") for our cell pre paid service. There are 4 parks near us which is great but if you find some close hikes we would like to join you. Luckly we have smaller dogs (a min pin and a small terrier).


I can't believe you have a min pin! Two of my friends at home have/had min pins and I adore them--such personalities. My dogs are a big larger--mixes with rottweiler, doberman and something a little smaller. If we find some good hiking spots I'll be sure to invite you along.

Good luck with furnishing your place--we still haven't finished furnishing ours and I've been here for four months! We got so far and then I just ran out of energy. I'm certainly no expert in setting things up, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].