Opinion - Congreso / Once for tourists or expats


Jul 31, 2007
Would like to ask some expats opinions here on the following:

I have a friend here (native Argie) who just inherited an apartment located in what I think is Congreso or Once, Alsina y Saavedra. It's in fairly good condition, 2 bedrooms, eat in kitchen, living room, 2 closets, A/C & heat in all rooms, nice wood floors, 57m2, full bathroom, 3rd floor facing front in an older 1930's art deco building. It's fairly close to the congreso building (about 7 blocks) but seems to me to be somewhat out of the tourist zone. Do you think expats or tourists would rent a place in this area and for how much? Anybody living in this area currently? From what I have seen on some of the websites for apartments in the center of town, 2 bedroom apartments go for about $1,000 U$D per month. Thanks for your input!!
It's defintely off the Tourist path, but it is quite close to the subway linea A, which gets you right to Casa Rosada in about 10 minutes, it conncts with all the other lines as well. Its a fairly safe area, but not particularly interesting. Lot's of really cheap shopping along the streets nearby. Frankly, I doubt you would get US$1000 for it, but rents here are all over, you never know. In my opinion, at US$800/month you might find some bargain hunters.