Our investment visa experience


Feb 5, 2007
As per others request, I am happy to share our experience with our investment visas.

We first used our finca/farm in Mendoza province to obtain our residency. At the time (2005), if you invested 100,000 pesos or more in the country and provided work (we had caretakers), you could qualify for an investment visa.

We have since sold the farm and are attempting to use our property that includes two rentals as our investment. In addition to a housecleaner and gardener, we have done extensive repairs and remodel, all in blanco, and have shown receipts for such. Furthefmore, we had to get "habilitacion de turismo" for our property, which meant a whole other round of trámites and fees, as well as pay additional taxes.

It is our understanding that investment visas are rare and not too easy. I don't think we could have initially done it with out the help of a company.

If anyone has more specific questions, fire away.

I know it has been posted before, but it appears everyone has a different story about their residency proceedings.
I wanted to follow up with a couple more thoughts. It was imperative that the farm had to be in production, not producing in the future. Also, we were later told this category is seldom used and there is not clear cut formula, like the rentista for example.