Outdoor gear


Aug 31, 2009
Anyone know where I can get some good quality, relatively inexpensive outdoor gear such as hiking boots, sleeping bags, thermals, fleeces, etc? Thought that there would be bigger sales this time of year on winter apparel but the quality still doesn't match up to the price. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
There is a nice Columbia Sportswear Shop near us...have never been in but by the looks of the products in the window, nice quality! They seem to always have a "sale" going on...

They are located in Zona Norte, about the 3500 block, more or less, on Libertador...Martinez
I noticed an outdoor shop on esmeralda somewhere between paraguay and santa fe...I saw backpacks and heavy jacket shells in the window and assume they have more. Sorry I don't have a exact address but if you're over there you can take a look.
Check out Av. Lacroze between Cabildo and Ciudad de la Paz. Don't remember the name of the store.
100 mts from subte Olleros. Their sale was like a month ago, but they still have some "cheap" stuff (25 - 30% off).
I don't know if it's the same shop ezequiel is talking about, but on Av. Federico Lacroze 2461 (close to Olleros subte) I found Universo Aventura. You can check out what brands and stuff they have here: http://www.universoaventura.com.ar/catalog/index2.php

They had brands like Salomon etc, so you could find cheaper stuff. And some items were, like mentioned, 25-30% off :)
There is also an outdoors store pretty close to my apartment building: between Chile and Independencia on Pasco. Pasco 700 block. They look like they have serious outdoor stuff, and I have been itching to find the time to go shopping there. But it is also not in one of the more expensive areas, like Recoleta or the microcentro so you may be able to find better prices. At least that´s what I´m hoping!
There is also a huge one on Corrientes, the north side of the street. http://www.montagneoutdoors.com.ar/locales.php#topee, then click on Capital Federal. I always see this Montagne store on the bus, but they have places everywhere, though they "look" expensive, like they might have high priecs. Also, check out their store online, but unfortunately, they do not list any prices.
There's a Patagonia store in town, sorry I don't remember the address, but you can probably google it. They have lots of beautiful outdoor wear and gear.
Kyra, that's the one. I'm glad you found good deals. I bought some winter clothes for my 2 yr old son a few months back... Columbia stuff 50%. And have been buying since I came back to BA, 3 yrs ago.
If you need something specific, you can order it, and generally, you get some discount.