Pastrami On Rye Anyone...??


La crespo buys pastron to elias, a guy who is at villa crespo too. I guess the question refers to buenos aires, or argentina, so the answer is: La pastronería is close to the best one. Better to cook it at home. I had seen at coto meat cuts and its label says "pastron".


Thanks Wine Guy, I thought that was a made up spelling. The first few times we ate there I was in love, but by the 3rd & 4th they were sooo full of themselves, became rude & the food not so great any more, I don't think we'll go back.
How often that has happened to me here!


Sorry to be a Nazi here (like that irony?), but mishiguene is actually the Spanish version of meshugeneh, which is indeed Yiddish.

Oh, and Kenny & Ziggy's in Houston is a great deli as well!

First things first: always love your posts.


Please do us (literates) all a favor: Don't apologize for being a "Nazi" or a "fascist" if you correct someone. First of all, if they're a normal, conscientious person, they'll want to know if they've made an error. Who wants that embarrassment? And if the errors are many and egregious, they should be pointed out. The notion of someone trying to twist things in such a way that their errors make you a "Nazi" or a "fascist" is as perverse as el kirchnerismo itself (and it's ridiculously common; it's outrageous that ignorant, uneducated and/or lazy people apply these horrendous labels to the people who make an effort to write clearly, without errors.

And, as is the case with many sites such as this one, many of these bullys are well known.

[Now stands on soapbox; wineguy slinks away]

I happen to be writing this now because in the past few days I was labeled both a "Nazi" and a "fascist." Am I soon to be accused of being a desestabilizador?

But I have another point in writing this. If it weren't for that point, I probably would not have taken the time to write this (and probably be criticized for it by the true fascists).

There are many people on these forums whose first language is not English. Not only do they struggle to write English that can be understood, but they suffer when English-speaking people hastily and carelessly throw together posts full of spelling and grammatical errors.

Those who have lived here for years know how difficult it is to read grammatically correct Spanish, nevermind trying to understand Spanish full of slang, lunfardo, and grammatical and spelling errors. It's just rude to not take an extra minute to make your post more readable. To instead label the people who comment on your barely readable post as "Nazis" or "fascists" is perverse, ignorant, and defamatory.

If you just don't "get it," and you can't write without errors, that's a different story, and we forgive you, if you don't insult or defame us. But when you're just being lazy (no punctuation, spelling errors underlined by the spell checker), there's no excuse.

It's an English language forum, but for a large percentage of the members, English is their second (or greater) language. You're living in a Spanish speaking country. Try extending the same courtesy to the forum members that you'd like the Argentine population to extend to you.


Anyone know where to buy good pastrami in the Olivos/Martinez area?
That's the province for those who don't know.


Amigo Artistico, I would point out that for the vast majority of people in this place, English is not their second language. That doesn't really equate to 'large percentage'.
There are a few as we know, so a certain amount of leeway is called for and I for one am chuffed that so many Argentines have joined up, whatever their political persuasion.
Further, you've recently been on about 'grammar Nazis', of which I'm a closet member, I confess. However, it's not something I'd like to shout from the rooftops, lest one silly mistake, like spelling bullies incorrectly, be my downfall.