Perm Res Living Abroad For More Than 2 Years


Is this really enforced? Have any of you experienced this or know someone that has?

Permanent residents who have been living outside of Argentina

If you stay outside of Argentina for longer than 2 years, your permanent residence may be subject to cancellation. In order to avoid this, before reaching 2 years abroad, you should contact the Consulate General and express your wish to stay longer outside of the country. We will issue a certificate that you should take with you the next time you travel to Argentina. You may request this certificate only twice (two periods of two years).

Thanks for any info you can provide!


I don't think that anyone has ever made a post indicating that they lost their permanent residency because they were out of the country for more than two years, but nlaruccia posted this in June (and also indicated that the consulate gave different answers to another question when it was asked twice (in separate calls):

I'm in NY right now and I called the Argentine consultant...(and)...I was also told that you need to visit Argentina once every two years in order to retain permanent residency...


Yes - I know of one circumstance where the person had left Arg and her residency was revoked. However IIRC, it was closer to 4 years, not 2 that she had been out of Arg before she got the letter informing her that her residency had been revoked. This was also under the old system, I would imagine it's actually more efficient now since things are much more automated.