Personal Chef or Private Catering / Any Demand


Jan 28, 2008
Greetings all... Wow, it's been a long while since i've sought the collective eyes/ears of this forum. Long story short, I will be moving BACK to Buenos Aires this coming summer to live with my girlfriend (hopefully fiance). I am a professionally trained chef with more than ten years experience in several facets of the industry. My previous stay in Argentina proved fruitless in the restaurant job search. I'm returning with a different approach. First and foremost, I am hoping to get some feedback from all of you regarding my ideas. Most of all I am curious to know if there is a demand for a personal/family chef or private caterer in the city limits. I truly enjoy catering small gatherings centered around themed menus or just simple, well prepared meals. I would have no center of opperations, so this would be exclusively an "on site" type of operation. I would meet, plan, price quote, shop, and prepare all necessary goodies. So, please, if you have a second and you have heard someone in demand of such a service.. go ahead and give me some encouragement. OR, if you know of some nich / job opening / new restaurant opening / etc. I would love the info.... Thanks to all....
Depending on how good you are :eek: and what your price is, we would be interesting in a "private caterer". I love having friends over but I hate to cook.
You can always PM with more information.