Personalized Running Coaching


May 24, 2009
Personalized Running Coaching

It's easy to lace up your running shoes, head out the door, and run. Free and easy - running is the simplest of exercises to start, and you will have no problem in finding generic training plans to help you on your way.

BUT - Everyone is different, and generic plans are just that - a one stop shop for all. Have you ever considered how a Personal Coach can help YOU achieve beyond the ordinary? I'm not talking about Olympic Medals, I am talking about real acheivements: Completing that lap around the park without feeling as if you are about to collapse; Finishing that first 5 Km race in a target you have set; Running 10 Km and feeling like you can run more; And yes, crossing that finishing line in your first Marathon - They are all possible, and I can help.

I am Irish, now based in Buenos Aires, with 30 years experience in running and coaching, with 22 Marathons under my belt. I developed the Couch to 5 K Training plan, which many starters have used to help them in their first steps to running, now let me help you go beyond that and improve your running.

I can provide personalized plans, one to one training, all designed to meet your needs, and help YOU achieve your own goals. I want to see YOU improve, make those dreams come true, but in a way that is right JUST for YOU....

If it sounds right, then email me,

Liam Mycroft, at [email protected]