Picada Now?


Hi, can someone tell me where I can order a tabla for tonight? I don't have any names or addresses. I'm not prepared!! Eeks!


aidana said:
just cut some cheese...olives...bread salame and some other cold cuts and you have it....
Yeah, thanks but I needed it for an event that evening & was busy pretty much up until the time I needed to be there. Otherwise, I'm perfectly capable of cutting up some stuff.

Anyway, in the end I delegated the task to another guest who opted for ordering pizzas & empandas.... which was fine too.


there is a Picado place (to go) within one block of Callao on either Arenales or Juncal. I forget the name, but it is stupid with picada in the name and try have a web site - and deliver. Sorry I wouldn't be more helpful.


Napoleon said:
En serio? No lo creo!... ;)

This line just cracks me up. :D
I know, shocking, eh?! Oh well....

I'm still looking for someplace I can call on the day and get a few tablas. Maybe of the places I've seen need to know the day before.

(As for the Harry Potter & the Picada Prince: There are quite a few other authors suing for plagiarism including the author of "The Worst Witch" who did write a book about a witch school, in the 70s I think. You can't copyright an idea.

Sad that our BA forum is so slow I can write about Harry Potter! Everyone needs to post more!!! ;) )