Piso compartido international party!


sebastien and Olivia, I am also called Olivia!
hey so I will write to you then, would be nice to meet up before.
Hi, well I don't know if anyone knows a good place so that we could all go for dinner ? (as we just arrived, we don't know many places yet...)
We can meet at 9pm at any place in Palermo no ? (I let you choose the place then !)


Hi everybody!

My name is Andres, I work in Piso Compartido and I´m in charge of the organization of the party tomorrow.

The party is in a big place for 1000 people and usually comes that amount of people in each party... half from Argentina, half foreigners..

You only have to go and buy the ticket (15 pesos) in the door.
The party starts 1 am and for 3/4 am there is queue in street to get in so arriving betw 2 and 3 am is more than fine...

Pics of the last party:




hey anyone, theres a nice place to eat some pizza if you guys r up for it, its in Palermo chico, i ve been there twice and i really like it.
have any of u guys met for 2moros party yet?


Hi there Joyce, I will give you a call tomorrow.

Harleygirl said:
Sonygael and Bsasdanielle,

My cell number is: (15) 6390-5109 and my name is Joyce. Give me a call and we can figure out where to meet. My girlfriend and I were thinking of having dinner in Las Canitas or Palermo Hollywood before and then taking a cab over to the party. Does that work?