Plastic straws banned in BA restaurants.


Even if a straw is a very small part of the problem, why not ban it anyway? Plastic bags, straws, now let's find the next single use plastic product that should be gone. They make corn starch utensils that are virtually indistinguishable from plastic utensils. That would be another plastic product to ban.


If I recall correctly, one of the big problems is that straws, like plastic cutlery and loose bottle caps, aren't recyclable as they end up just falling through conveyor belts. So while they may be a relatively small part of used plastic, they're a significant part of unrecyclable plastic.

Aloha Boy

I’m not a “howl at the moon“ kind a guy. Of course it goes with out saying about all the other plastic garbage.
I started the thread as a “heads up” for people who go out and order drinks without knowing of the straw ban.
Even though it is an extremely uphill war against the petro-industry, I do applaud you taking personal steps to make this world a better place for your children and grandchildren. I know I can do a better job with reducing plastic use. Besides, it gives me more activities to do so I don't get fat. LOL.


Extreme? Do you know how long plastic lasts? All the plastic ever made still exists on the planet and is destroying it. Beverage bottles are one-use plastic that is polluting the oceans. Haven't you heard about the dead whale that had tons of plastic in its belly?

Landfills in Buenos Aires
Garbage creates a new industry

Who wants to imagine living near one of the mountains of garbage? There are people who face that situation every day.

We have ten years for the world to get its act together or we will face the consequences.