Poles Apart

Tangobob darling, FYI I am certainly not a sun girl and taking an estimated guess I doubt very much that either Joey Lizzie or Nikad are either. I did actually take the Express today as 1, there were no Mail's left and 2, they are avid supporters of the Diana inquest and they are the only paper that has had the guts to print inconsistencies with regard to the hutton report and the french inquest.
The PC incidents I mentioned are all topics that cropped up for me in the last few weeks.
I think your brush with the law was probably a case of closet queen copper!
So are you in wales now?
As sad as I am to admit it all the examples I gave are of instances that occured to me, a family member or a close friend last year and not dramas from the Sun. Although its always good for a laugh every now and then.
But I know exactly what you mean about the current state of Farming / Fisheries. After living in Devon for 10 years I have seen first hand how many livelihoods have been ruined.
But I am annoyed at myself as I'm so accustomed to 'perfect' looking vegetables that I spend hours here sifting to find ones that I think look ok. Crazy!
Auntie Isn't The Express just The Sun without the pictures? actually I was refering more to a mind set than the actual paper. Yes for my sins I have lived in Wales for thiry.... years, Cheshire was too dear for newlyweds, but now I have a bit more money I choose to buy in Buenos Aires. What is closet queen copper by the way?
Dear Tangobob,
if you do not yet know what the term closet queen is and what I meant by closet queen copper I fear that you may be shocked !
I imagine that one of the police officers found you attractive! were you by any chance dressed as a tango dancer ? LOL!
and as I said i took the express because there were NO PAPERS LEFT.
LOL somehow I doubt he found me attractive ( maybe my wife )
Keep up the good postings ( I still prefer Grannie Smith )