Poles Apart


Feb 26, 2006
Dear all,
unfortunately still in old blighty and starting to see the up side of living in a country (Argentina) with no health and safety, very few bylaws, no ASBO's (anti social behaviour orders) no congestion charging, no clamping your vehicle in (your own paid for space) because your car pass was blown off the dash board on to the floor.
Since being in the UK (10 weeks) I have been clamped once , release fee £150, had two parking tickets, £60 each, one late congestion fee charge penalty £50 on top of the original £8 daily charge to drive in to central London.( went in thursday should have paid by midnight friday remembered sat morning!) I have risked arrest for using my cell phone in my car (even when parked) I have had a finger wagged at me for playing my car stereo too loud in the the gridlock on the M25 , my friends have to sneak around this Non smoking apartment block in order to get themselves a nicotine fix. They usually huddle in dark corners of the underground car park, like junkies shooting up, while all they really crave is a couple of puffs on a Malborough Light.
One may no longer defend one's family or property as demonstrated in the imprisonment of british farmer Tony Martin. Tony martin was charged with manslaughter after he shot dead an aggressive one of two intruders that broke into his isolated farmhouse in the dead of night and who attacked his wife with a knife.
The second "thug" then took out a government funded case against Martin for "causing him distress" after he hurt his back while trying to escape out of a window. The thug also claimed "loss of potential earnings" due to the back injury. (what are the earnings of a burgular?). So instead of getting a medal for heroic's in the community, he gets a jail sentence and a criminal record.
This week the local council workers have been given unprecedented powers instilled on civillians to "stop and search" your car to check to see if you are moonlighting with rubbish off to the tip. One has to do this you see, because in many London boroughs they have passed laws where one household is permitted only one bin liner bag full of rubbish per 14 days. (I do that in 72 hours with nappies and usual waste). If a home exceeds this one bag limit you will be charged an "excess waste" penalty. Also one has a legal obligation to "recycle". Waste men refuse to remove any waste bags that exceed the volume of a normal size bin and then the waste is left there on the roadside by your property, To encourage rats and other vermin.
Failure to vaccinate your children with the horrendous multi vaccines will usually end up with a mother being dragged into court, as which once happened to me as I refused to give my now ten year old the MMR. I flatly refused to administer multi live vaccines to my childern arguing, that when ever has a child contracted three and more viruses simultaneously. My ex husband ended up doing it behind my back while my son was on an overnight visit, with the support of a judge. I wont go off on a biology lesson but one needs little medical knowledge to understand the implications of the impact that an un-natural attack of a multi vaccine (sometimes as many as 6 simultanaeously) must have on a young immune system. I, control my childrens vaccines in Argentina and although I often get crap comments made by the odd pediatrician many support my theory of what I term "The great pharmaceutical scam" I have yet to be threatened with the Argentine Law.
A man was arrested in Manchester last week for hanging a rather attractive Christian religious painting in his public transport staff room. He was arrested and frog marched off to the local police station for interrogation after a muslim worker complained that the "painting" was meant to offend. All charges were dropped after it was proved that the man had found the picture in a drawer during a spring clean of the old transport offices and thought it a shame to throw away so he hung it on a wall. Apart from the fact I am not a Christian, one must not forget that England is ruled by the Anglican church and it has been since Henry the VIII seperated himself from the Holy See after his divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon to make way for the younger and pregnant Anne Boleyn. (Lucky lucy will like that.........cough!.............. being french!). The British Monarch is the Head of the Anglican church, so quite honestly I think any one of any other religious inclination that wants to reside in the UK is going to have to "get over it" or go and live somewhere like Saudi Arabia where you can wear all the veils and garb you desire, celibrate your faith and not have to be subjected to being offended by the faith of your host country.
It is also now "illegal" and a crime punishable to up to 7 years in prison if one makes jokes about homosexuals. That includes jokes made in particular by stand up comics. The gay community have been up in arms "against" this ruling saying this stance will only have the adverse affect and create more prejudice rather than acceptance of a gay lifestyle. Its interesting to note some the best gay jokes and affectations were created by gay commedians such as Kenneth Williams, Julian Clary and Kenny Everett.
Today I noticed that on calling the Passport office to book an "interview" to renew one of my children's (micro chipped) passports, I discover that is in fact now termed the "Identidy and Passport Service. That is brainwashing at its most subtle in preparation for the enslaught of I.D. cards in the U.K.
I could go on and on but I will hand that over to my friends here that have anything to say about the big brother societies we live in back in our native lands and how we can see this "dictatorship by stealth" as I call it, start to take over our daily lives.
So, even though I will continue to whinge about the Panamerican and the lack of driving law enforcement in Argentina, the corruption at the Aduana,the lack of health law enforcement in certain eateries and the general bullshit one encounters on a daily basis. I will be thankful knowing that I can pretty much do as I please out in booniesville Pilar. I can use force to protect my family and property, I can paint my walls whatever colour I like without having to kiss ass to the local "town planners", I can give one of my many children the occasional smack on the leg for sticking yet one more pencil in an electric light socket and I can go to bed at night in Manzanares, knowing that I will not be carted off to prison some time during the night for breaching planning laws, distressing a robber and abusing my children!
You will probally go to jail if you kill someone in your home when it´s not self defense
Thanks Auntie Apple
Sometimes I get frustrated with living here and almost forget those things...oh and don't forget to mention.....
No being able to send 'happy christmas' cards, or to display 'Merry Christmas' decorations in public places as it is disciminatory...so happy holidays!!!!!
Oh and besides that.....I know of a case where a a man refused to to pay a parking fine (of which you have experienced) he did not pay and instead of the fine increasing and further action taken, he claimed the notice was not in his native language (he had lived and worked in the UK for 30 years and was fluent) therefore he didnt realise and of course got let off.
Health & Safety in schools - nice summers day kids out playing?? No, because maybe when the kids grow up they will get skin cancer and then sue the school for exposure to the sun. Let the kids out with suncream??? No - every parent needs to sign a consent form incase a teacher/assistant applies sun block and the child has an illergic reaction.
The list is endless.......
Grandaiscol - Someone holiding a knife up to your wife´s throat, while undertaking a violent robbery in your home is not self defence???
actually joey your points about PC madness in schools in the UK reminds me of when one of my sons was five. I got a call from his school to tell me that Charles has had "an accident" in his pants. So could I please come and collect him. The day before Charles and I had been scrumping in a friends orchard and now it had caught up with him. Apparently Charles had a cramp during recess and made a dash for the loo. Needless to say he never made it. By the time I grabbed some spare uniform for him and got into my car and drove to the school about 30 minutes had passed from the call. When I got to the school I went to his tutor (who was a real cow). I asked where he was. She led me to a hall near the loos and there was my 5 year old, cold shivering, standing on newspaper with not only soiled legs and still in his soiled clothes but standing in full view of his classmates, girls and boys. I asked why she had left him like this and she told me "we're not allowed to undress or touch the children". How sad is that? i think if I was a schoolteacher and was in that position I would risk being reprimanded and clean up the child to maintain his dignity and protect his self esteem. One great thing about my children attending Argentine schools(apart from the fact they are too academically obsessed) is that the teachers openly embrace and kiss the children.
Hi...I couldn't agree more with you about the vaccines. Very scary indeed...especially as they are linked more and more to autism. Fortunately there are homeopathic's that do help to reverse the effects in those of us vaccinated before the dangers were known. But to continue forcing this upon our children for the benefit of the pharmaceutical dollar is what is criminal in my opinion.
Hi AppleTart
Yes it is crazy and riciculous that your son had to suffer through that at age 5 because of political correctness.
My sister loves football and plays in a team and my dad helps out and organises a car pool for girls, and because he worries about the safety of the girls he never lets them walk home in the dark (he is an overprotective father with 4 girls!!!) but he will always make one of us go in the car with him when he drops the girls off home so he is not labled a 'paedophile' or whatever. Sad really!
But its not all bad in England to today auntie....we just beat the French!!!!!
Geez girls, it sounds pretty stressing! However looks like in most countries you have basically two choices or extremes =( I wish we had just 32.7% of that here but not so much!!!
Dear Me
Seems everyone reads The Sun. You forgot the EEC: our fishermen are not allowed to fish, our farmers cannot produce milk and enything grown must conform or be destroyed.
And auntie you forgot about Granny Smiths, all grubbed up, so that we can eat those horrible French apples. ( French Golden Repulsive)
I reside for the most part in N Wales and we are plagued by that policeman from hell Brunstrum. Not only are they hiding in every bush with a speed camera, occasionally they block the roads and check every vehicle. I was followed home from a dance all the way just in case I broke some petty law or other, and the policeman became quite offensive when I told him "dancers don't drink" while his overweight assistant took a fine tooth comb to my car.
Any way that is my UK whinge ( appart from no Tango for fifty miles )