Potholes when buying an apartment


I moved to Beunos Aires six weeks agao and I am buying an apartment in Palermo, and I am runnong into a lot of mixed messages.

I have already signed the sena aided by a good porteno friend (from New York who has moved back here) who purchased his apartment last year via the same escribano.

* the realtor said the Impuesto de Sellos (1.5%)did not apply for first-time purchase; the escribano says it does imply for non-residents.

* the escribano tells me the law requires an English translation (for an additional $300 USD) of the sale document.

* the escribano also informs me that if/when I sell, the Renta Presunta for non-residents can be as high as 30% of the selling price -- NOT the capital gains.

* to transfer money I found someone who wants 2% but I understand the going rate is 1.5%...

Any advice would be most appreciated...