Power Adapter


Feb 5, 2010
I was told that the outlets were the same but i friend just told me that that is not always tru and even if they are the same the voltage is differnet so Id need an adapter. Is this true? and should i try to get one before leaving the states or do they have them readily available there?
SORRY GUYS - posted this before i searched for an answer, which i found a few here. Thanks!!!
There are two different style of outlets in Argentina- old, and new. One is three flat pins, radially arrayed, much like some 220 outlets in the USA, only smaller. The other is two round pins.
Neither is compatible with any consumer electrical goods from the USA.
Some older apartments have a mix of both. But multiple outlet extension cords are available in either, and you can usually put together a plug strip of whichever type you need, and adapt it to your wall socket.

On top of that, Argentina is 220 volts everywhere. USA is 110 volts.
220 volts will blow up most US stuff if you try to plug it in directly.

So most of your consumer goods will require some kind of adapter.
A few newer things, like for instance Apple computers, or Brother sewing machines, are built to adapt themselves- but they still need the proper plug.
All current apple chargers and computers have a removable plug or cord, and apple will sell the proper slip in plug or cord to fit. But if you are bringing apple stuff, its a lot cheaper and easier to get the adapters in the USA. Apple products here are double the price, and very hard to find. Virtually impossible to find the little slip in apple Ipod charger adapter plug here.

If you have some treasured electrical device that is USA 110 volts, you can buy a stepdown transformer here in Argentina. Many stores sell these, as a lot of people buy imported electronics, either bought overseas for price reasons, or because no local equivalent is available.

Transformers must be sized for the appliance- obviously, a tiny apple ipod dock stereo needs a lot smaller one than a big appliance with a motor like a Kitchenaid mixer or a full size sewing machine.

There are cheap consumer electrics like tea water warmers and hair curlers and blenders available here- a lot of people complain about the quality, but they are no problem finding. So you should only worry about the high end stuff you cant live without- computer stuff, professional equipment, stuff like that. Each may be different in terms of adapters- some may need a transformer, others just a cheap Us to argentine adapter you can get at a good hardware store.