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Can anyone let me know if it is cheaper to buy a power adapter from the US standard to Arg's standard in the states or there?


Most modern appliances (computers, phones, hair dryers etc...) work both on 110 and 220... their should be something written on your charger, or on the back/somewhere on the appliance... An adapter from 110 to 220..or the other way around..(the actual plug configuration) cost about 4 pesos here...That being said.. all the items brought with me were for phone, camera. lap-top and razor chargers...If you are talking about major appliances (dish washer, oven, plazma etc...) not sure... but "transformers" are quite a simple device... (really just a bundle of wires to absorb a bit of the extra zzzzz ) witch I am sure they produce localy in Argentina... most likely not too expensive...


Depends on what you are trying to do. You can get a coverter which is really for things like razors, etc. you only use once a day. If you have say a tv or some other major appliance you need to get a transformer which you can buy in Argentina. Transformers are sized in watts. To calculate the watts of a particular appliance the formula is Amps x voltage = watts(i.e. an appliance that takes 5 amps would need approximately a 600 watt transformer 5 amps X 110 volts = 550 watts).
You can buy individual transformers for each appliance or buy one big one and have your house or apartment wired to run 110. I did that once there as I had a bunch of stuff from the states. You just need to make sure you know which outlets are 110 versus 220 if you do this.


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Oh and make sure that your converter supports 220v 50 Hz to 110v 60Hz. Not all 220v and 110v are equal. Last thing you'd want is your equipment to be zapped here.