Power adapters


Hi Rich. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately Frequency Converters are much much more expensive than Voltage Transformers. We have a 2000W voltage transformer already, but the frequency converters run in the several hundreds of dollars.

I have already run my power tools intermittently off of 110v / 50Hz - the motor runs 20% slower and can build up heat over continued use potentially destroying the motor, but for infrequent use there's usually no problem. My question has more to do with audio recording equipment, specifically a solid-state preamp and a tube compressor. Both are somewhat rare items and don't state any preferred frequency on the back panels.

I've done some research previously for frequency converters and have found some that would be suitable for the whole house, but for several thousand dollars due to Wattage necessities, but here's something I found quickly on Amazon: U$D 750

I have an oxygen machine that is made in US, the sales guy told me not to bring it to Asia because the freq difference, thinking it will break the machine. The machine has motor and compressor, pumps all the time. I took it to Asia anyway for someone, it has been 3 years , the machine runs so well like a champ.