Pregnant and looking for yoga


May 21, 2009
Hello everyone,

At the moment I am in my 13th week of pregnancy and looking to do some yoga. Before I did hatha yoga which I enjoyed very much but we moved barrios and I can't seem to find a good yoga place here. We live around Parque Las Heras. I am also not quite sure what style of yoga is okay to do when being pregnant.

Can anyone help me with this?

Hi Petra,

There's a center near me, just for pregnant women, on Paraguay in Palermo. Sorry, can't remember the cross street ... try Googling and if that doesn't work, get back to me and next time I walk by it I'll write down the cross street. It's about 4 blocks up from Maria De Oro.
Hi Petra,

I am a yoga instructor from New York, certified in Hatha. I offer private lessons to students of all ages and levels. I live on Libertador not far from Las Heras. If you would be interested in private lessons, please contact me directly and we can talk more [email protected].

OK Petra,

The cross street for the natal yoga studio is gurruchaga, that would be Paraguay and Gurruchanga. I'm sorry I did not write down the name and phone number ... did not have a pen in my purse, though I thought I did.
Thanks Victoria and Katie. I am looking for group lessons so I will definately look into the studio on Gur and Par!
Thanks a lot!! :)
Hi - the place on Paraguay and Gurruchaga is called Tobi Natal. It's fantastic, I've been going for a while now and really enjoy the professors and ambience. The classes are only for pregnant women, and they do a lot of exercises that will help in labor. Also, if you have medical insurance (from Argentina), you can get reimbursed for most of the cost of the classes...ask them when you go. They also offer the prenatal classes, which are pretty good.
Hi Guys, I just went To Tobi Natal. It is not on Paraguay and Gurruchaga. It is on Paraguay and Uriate. They seems really good. $1000 pesos for the full program all the way through your pregnancy and some private medical plans cover some or all of the cost.