Preparing for possibly starting residencia over again - any experiences?


Apr 4, 2023
Hi everyone,

I know I've been pestering the forum a bit recently but I haven't had much success with Migraciones. I was given a precaria that lasts only 30 days and I had a flight to return to the country after that. I told Migraciones as such prior to leaving Argentina.

My RENAPER (antecedentes penales) had expired so I had to get a new one and received an intimación while still in Argentina. I told the gentleman who gave me the precaria that I have a flight already and gave him the details of my itinerary.

He told me to upload a letter along with my new fingerprints with proof of my itinerary, a letter explaining the reason for my absence from Argentina, etc. I did what he told me but I never received an update of any kind. It's my understanding that because my case shows as "bajo supervision" and I uploaded everything I need up to this point, I will be allowed back into the country because the only remaining step is "disposición de residencia protocolizada."

However, I have a friend who founder herself in a similar situation a few years ago who was forced to start the process again. As such, I'm preparing for that same possibility and I was wondering if anyone else has ever faced a similar situation (starting over again) and how that worked out. Since I'm in Argentina for medical reasons, the actual DNI extranjero isn't so important to me, but I do want to show Migraciones that I'm doing everything I can to obtain a legal status so I won't have to worry about deportation or legal issues.