Prepay cell phones increasing


Nov 16, 2009
Just read an article in La Nación that all three major companies: Claro, Personal and Movistar; already have or will increase the price for sending text messages for all people who use prepaid phones.

Apparently, the price as of now (I have Claro so I am going to use their price hike) is about 28 centavos to send a text. By the end of the year it is going to go up to about 43 centavos. That is some price hike if you ask me.

Considering I am only going to be here for a couple more months (until end of March) I really have no choice in the matter except to pay and maybe text/use my cell phone a little less.

Regardless, figured everyone would like to know if they haven't read the paper today.

Hi Intljournalist,

Thanks for the warning .... I have prepaid through Personal and I'm perpetually running out of minutes. It's quite expensive and I don't have many people to call!

Guess I'll have to learn to text, but then I'm a techno-phobe. It took me three trips to the Personal store to learn how to retrieve voice mails, but then two of those trips were because that application wasn't working.

You can send text messages on-line for free with CLARO & MOVISTAR

You have to send from the same company as the cell phone: ie. if you are sending to a Claro number, you must do it from the Claro site. - click the 'SMS ONLINE' link in the top right. If you send a text and keep the website open, responses will automatically appear on the screen - Just scroll down on the home page, MENSAJES DE TEXTO - you can't receive responses. As far a I could tell you can't do it with Movistar, they have some system, but you have to register (and have a Movistar number) and get charged for the pleasure of using their system.
There's a "user strike" being called on 12/12/09 at 12 PM, for 1 hour to protest about the ridiculous fees we are all paying. If you want to do something about it, don't use your cell phone (turn it off) from 12 to 1 PM on 12/12/09.

There's a Facebook group organizing this already.
if those on the strike sent as many texts as possible messages from the web, this increase in demand would show the companies how they feel (the increased in demand may even bring don't their site for a while)
Ok guys,

I went to the Personal store (five times actually) because I thought something must be wrong with my phone ... I run out of minutes so quickly.

It turns out I'm paying a peso a minute for a phone call. Can this be right? Do the other companies charge so much?

Yes it's right, and yes they do. If not more.

To me, the prepaid phone cards are incredibly expensive, and that has a lot to do with, to me, the fact that most people can't get accounts and the people have no choice. It's why people text so much - less expensive. Although if the companies keep raising rates on texting, that won't be the case.

Prepaid phone prices in Paraguay are much much cheaper. Phone service is just as good (or as bad, depending on how you look at it).

Why is it so expensive here? Well, most things like this simply are. I have my own ideas on that subject.
I'm with CLARO, the rates are:

AR$ 1.28 Local and to other CLARO cell
AR$ 1.59 National (over 320 KM's)

Text: AR$ 0.28: rate on website. 'Centro de Atención' said AR$ 0.43

As of 28th december their website says it will be AR$ 1.98 min.
*) A partir de 28-12-09. Precio del minuto de aire: $1,98. Precio de los SMS persona a persona: $ 0,43.
Reading this, I thought, sod them I will use my UK phone. Then I checked the rate; text 50p thats abot $3.1 calling £1.75 about $11 and it costs £1 about $3 just to recieve.
When I come back, anyone wants to talk, email me and I will by you a coffee in a cafe, it is cheaper.
It is no wonder that locals use a sort of walky talky to communicate.