Presidential Residence


Nov 27, 2009
Has anyone out there ever been inside the presidential residence in Olivos? Many of us have toured the White House, no? Many of us have seen photos of how the 1st family lives there. I for one have never seen inside the presidents home life in the "govt. mansion". Does she really live behind a firewall of secrecy?

Also, is it true the arg. nation doesnt own the mansion or sprawling grounds, that its leased, from a will i think, to the govt. by a powerful and rich arg. family. That the will said if the president doesnt spend a certain number of days there it reverts back to the family.

I knew an argentine who had a close friend who worked there and while I remember sitting there listening to his stories, I dont recall any enough to relate them.
I don´t know what the shocking stories are but it´s interesting how the mansion is kept such a secret. I knew a woman who had to go there for business during the Menem years. She said that it was very Las Vegas - gold everywhere.
I was in when I was a kid.
It was President Alfonsin's Bday and my daddy drove a privately owned bus which took a band to play... It was at night and my daddy took us both my sister and I with him.
We were bored as hell in the bus so we were allowed to "run around"
We went to take a peek and President Alfonsin himself spotted us and called us into the party.
He offered us something to eat and drink, but we were so surprised that we simply said "no" then he asked who our parents were and told him we were the bus driver's kids so he sent some food and drinks for us
Not a shocking story, not Vegas style either
sorry that i dont remember the stories he told me too clearly,but i remember his friend had stories to tell.

But as far as hardly anyone on this list having been to the mansion and not one so far knowing anything about not belonging officially to the govt., isnt surprising. How many of us have been to the White House? How many argentines have seen how their president lives? Big difference, huh?