Printing Cheaply in BsAs


Sep 5, 2009
Hey Everyone,

I'm teaching private English lessons and since I don't have my own printer, I'm left to print materials at the internet cafes. Right now, I'm finding nothing less than 1 peso per sheet. That adds up since I also earn in pesos.

Does anyone know of any places where I can print for a cheaper price? ... Perhaps other advice from experience? Thanks, Daniel
Do you need to make multiple copies of one thing or lots of materials? The printer I mentioned yesterday prints b/w for less than one peso, iirc. You will have to bring the docs on some sort of disk/drive/key thing, best probably as a PDF then you tell him what you need printed. Then if you need multiple copies of one thing he has a copy machine. You must have change.

I have to say, I've mentioned his store twice on here, but he's actually a bit of a grump though. So don't expect friendly service!! :)
Thanks for the info Mini. Typically, I'm printing three to four sheets for class and they're each with distinct content.

The grumpy guy sounds like a good resource for now!....this also makes me want get one of those small printers for black and white printing so I don't have to pay so much. Thanks again for your input.
Ok, I walk by him today. He's on Araoz & Paraguay. The store has orange squares on the windows not red circles as I said before! :D
I forgot to go in and ask the price!! Sorry!! I figured it would be cheaper with the photocopy machine, but I don't know how much he charges for each printed page.
I live right by Facultad de Medicina (Córdoba y Junín), and printing is much cheaper in this area. Photocopies, too. Printing averages around .40 per page, and photocopies range from .08 to .15. Best prices are along Uriburu and Junín. Other options:
If your student has a printer, he or she probably won't mind printing something for class. Just send it before. Many students also print material at their office. Or, you may want to consider buying a printer. They are not that expensive. You can get one easily for under 300 pesos. If you don't plan on being here that long, you can sell it upon departure.
Thanks allcraz, that is much cheaper than in my In the long run I'll probably go with your suggestion of buying a printer...I only wish I had thought of that one while Stateside!
Anyone have any recommendations for large format color printing- big inkjet machines, like 4' wide or so?
Especially reasonably priced service bureaus, that can do printing on fabric, and vinyl, and might even have good paper, as in higher rag content, that is closer to archival?
I'm not sure about fabric, vinyl, etc but if you're looking to print photographs on good paper I would image Kine Foto can do the trick. I've not used them for such large prints but a photography teacher of mine recommended them to me. Have a look :