Printing photos


Feb 6, 2010
Hi - I'm looking for a place in BA to print some photos. Preferably in the Recolleta area but not totally necessary. Nothing super fancy, just snapshots I want to print out and frame to give as thank you gifts. Any recommendations?
I'm looking for the same thing. I found another thread about really high quality printing, but I don't need anything that fancy. Just need to print a couple of 5x7s and 8x10s to hang at home. Would love to find someplace in Palermo. Anyone have suggestions?
Me too!! I need something like this! Too bad they don't have Walgreens online to send a print..

Actually, is there something like this in argentina? Sending pictures to be printed online?
Pretty sure Farmacity does this! Maybe not on the premises but in general...
i have tried to use 2 different places where you upload your pics and than they send them to your house or u can pick them up from a place nearby and had NO luck. it took forever to upload the pictures and than it would stall or something ridiculous would happen. i was trying to print 100 pictures though. maybe if its just a few it wont be so bad. the one place i used was i do prefer going into a store with my USB though!

Walk up Sante Fe and look for Kodak signs and there will be print your own machines or for higher quality the shops will print them for's hard not to find these places especially at 3 or so blocks from Alto Palermo..Charcas/Guemes area!
LaurenW said:
i always use Casa Jose on Pueyrredon near Cordoba. It is great because you can order your photos online and then pick them up. Also the quality is good!

I can also recommend the Casa Jose. The easiest way is probably to copy the files to a pen drive and take them there.

Warning - make sure your antivirus is up-to-date and set to scan removable drives before reinserting the pen drive in your computer. I got a nasty infection that caused me to rebuild 2 machines after taking a pen drive to a print shop in Palermo (NOT the Casa Jose, but it could happen anywhere).
There is a kiosk on the 3rd floor of Alto Palermo near the entrance to the big bookstore. The standard sizes for photo prints are different than North America. The closest thing to a 4x6" is slightly smaller at 10x15 cm.

The attendant will print them for you on the spot.