Protein Supplements


Sep 16, 2009
How common are protein supplements in BsAs? In particular, I am searching for shakes but I am open to any form at this point.

I searched for some at my local supermarket and found nothing (unless I failed to translate correctly). What is the brand name or what verbage should I look for on the product packaging?

I've never seen protein shakes here, Jordan. If they exist, they may be in Dieteticas rather than supermarkets.

If there's a specific chemical supplement you're looking for, it may also be available in Farmacias. You can check the availability of supplements at pharmacies at (enter the chemical name in "Droga"). The site lists everything pharmacies sell, including supplements and vitamins in addition to what would be prescription drugs in the US.

If all else fails, ask at a serious gym. A musculoso trainer or client may have suggestions.
I´ve been making my own protein shakes for the past few years. I buy Polver whey protein at Gym Home, M T Alvear near Libertad. I blend the powder with all kinds of stuff and tofu that I buy at Casa China in Chinatown.
Has anyone found Soy Protein powder anywhere?

You might try Pura Vida Juice Bar on Uriburu I think in the 1400 block- I know they have lots of supplements in their creations, and you can buy the supplements in bulk.
The best place that I've found to buy protein powder in Argentina is at
it has it all the same stuff you can get at GNC with cheaper prices and you can get a $5 discount on your first order with them if you use this discount code: GIG072 And the shipping is very cheap.
There are a number of places to find different protein powders.

I'm sorry that I don't have the names of the place, but can tell you the address.

One place where I've bought whey protein powder was at a place in Palermo Hollywood at the corner of Santa Fe/Fitz Roy/Campos. They have a few different types and sizes. Reco would be to start with a small one and see if you like it first. Here's a map.

I've also found them at a place in Recoleta. I'm less positive on the address though.

If you are in Recoleta near Santa Fe y Junin, there is about a 2 block area I have bought protein powder before. Pretty sure the place is on Alvear but could be on Paraguay. It's definitely between Junin y Callao on one of those streets. Map in link above.
Um, if you mean protein supplements for stuff like bodybuilding then you should check or You can find some American brands (eg. Universal Nutrition) and Argentine ones as well. You can also try going to a Farmacity store (there are several around Buenos Aires), you can find some of that stuff there too but their prices are a bit higher and they do not offer the variety of these websites. Good luck