Question about purchasing spices or bringing them in.


Mar 31, 2021
I'm moving to BA at the end of the month. What spices are impossible to find easily in BA? Also, are some spices in BA super cheap, and I should not bring them?
Will I be hassled at customs for having spices in my luggage?
Thanks for all your help.
El Gato Negro on Corrientes has a huge selection of spices. I found Zatar there.
more exotic things are sometimes difficult, most argentines don't use a lot of spices and flavors. garlic and onion powder i found challenging before but eventually with some searching i found it.

NAVE is a great source but things are out of stock sometimes

I just fished out the garlic and onion powder from my give-away pile...never would have considered that hard to find!'s just the info I'm looking for.
After years of trying to find just plain salt that I am happy with, I brought back regular just plain salt from the USA and I am a happy camper. Who knew something so simple would be on my list, as it is quite heavy and I felt a bit foolish but not any more.