Question About The Internet Service


Feb 10, 2008
Hello Ladies and Gents,I would like to head down to BA for a few months and I had a question regarding the wireless internet signal that comes standard in many apartments. My business requires me to stay connected online for a large portion of the day and night.. Can anyone tell me how reliable the wireless internet is that i can just pick up straight from an apartment building ??? Also, is it possible to find apartments that use a cable or dsl line??? Also, if i wanted to pay to get a cable or dsl line installed into an apartment, would this be a difficult task?? Thanks in advanced for your guys help..
telefonica will install within 24 hours ,,,,,the wireless only exists with crm and its new so obviously always problems,,,,,,most apartments have internet anyway and its very reliable i use it for voip allday everyday for work and it hasnt let me down yet.
if your in the centre fibertel is the telefonica name in the centre ,,,,its only about 100 pesos a month ,,,,,excellnet value ......
but really most apartments have this ....the wi fi really isnt brilliant