questions about going to a university in ba as a foreigner


Jul 30, 2023
i'm going into 12th grade and when i'm done with high school, i want to go to a school in argentina and get a degree in software engineering (or anything programming). i've mostly been looking into universidad provincial de ezeiza, but i'm open to suggestion for other schools too (preferably not too far from monte grande). language isn't a problem. my main concerns are the tuition costs (are they also free for foreigners?), if there's any tests (like language proficiency or general subjects) i have to take prior to being enrolled, and how valid the degree would be when i come back to the us. i'll also be visiting this december and will be there for the last week of december and first week of january. is there anything i can do while i'm there to get a headstart on applying or getting additional info?
are you planning to live in monte grande? have you ever been to the area (or Argentina)?
I can't answer all of your questions, but public schools (like the one you mentioned) are free to foreigners. If you decide to pick a private school, that would have a cost whether you're Argentine or foreign. Some schools require a language test for foreigners, but they'll spell that out in their application requirements for foreigners.

One thing to get a jump on: prior to enrolling, you'll have to have your US school records apostilled in the US and then validated and translated here. That could take some time, so you might want to start working on that as soon as you graduate.

When you get your visa, you'll have to show that you have financial resources to support yourself while you're here, whether that's your own money or someone else's support, so that could also be a thing to think about sooner rather than later.
Link showing requisites for foreign students, some Universities require language proficiency plus Argentine History facts. UPE is free. Three year Degrees in software development granted. Validity in the US?

For the validity in the US question, that's dependent on the job or grad school program you'd want to get from the degree, but it might be worth noting the difference between degree types: tecnicatura degrees are more analogous to associates' degrees, and licenciaturas are more like a bachelor's. The comparison isn't exact.
ok. well, all the above is a good start. remember that time of year will be summer holidays so likely you won't find anyone around the school to be of much help answering questions in person.