Questions Re: Precaria And Turnos, With Thanks In Advance!!


Dec 3, 2014
Hi all! I am hoping you all may be able to send along some advice! This forum has been so helpful in the past. I
am in process of requesting the residencia precaria and have a turno for the 11th of March, but am hoping to get in earlier because I have to travel on the 12th of March. Does anyone have any suggestions as to whether or not there might be a way I can get in earlier, without paying the $150 rush fee?

Also, I believe the difference between the precaria and the temporary residencia is that the precaria comes with dni and is for 7 months and renewable, while the temporary residence allows you to concurrently apply for dni and is for 1 year renewable? I originally wanted to apply for a dni and temporary, but because i am currently registered as a part time extrernal student with a scholarship coming from the U.S. to write my dissertation, it seems I am not currently able to apply for a dni. Thanks so much for any info you can provide! i am very grateful!