random questions: insurance & housing


Oct 7, 2007
Hi everybody,
Sorry for posting the same post twice (here and in the thread “What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA? )…

I am about to come to Buenos Aires. I have been reading this forum for quite some time but never posted anything since I first wanted to be sure about my arrival… So here I am with a couple of questions;
Insurance for 200 pesos (re: What are the best job options to make enough money to stay in BA?) – could you let me know what is included in it and where can I get it?
Housing 1 – It looks like I have to use one of those real estate websites to rent an apartment… Did you use any of them? (I guess you did…) Do you have any comments? Any bad experiences???
Is it easy to get the deposit back after the rental is over?
Housing 2 - Recoleta vs Palermo which one is better for nightlife as I guess it would be better place to stay (at least for me)? Is there any part of these two neighbourhoods that you would not recommend to live (i.e. for a safety reason????)
Thanks in advance for your help!
http://www.hospitalaleman.com.ar/ I believe the monthly premium is around 215 pesos.
My boyfriend and I did a lot of research and found the Hospital Aleman to be the best - for my needs anyway. The plan I chose covers most things and costs 170 pesos a month. To join all I had to do was go to the hospital and fill in some forms. The address is Pueyrredon 1640