Re: Kansas has gone down hill


Sep 8, 2007
For those who must get their rib (short rack or spare) it is just best I found out to just make your own. Kansas disappointed me once and I never went back.
I go to Jumbo to get the barbeque sauce until my friends from the US bring me more.
Kansas is still the best restaurant in Buenos Aires. It is not the best bar. The New York Times claims that Shoeless Joes El Alamo in Recoleta is the best bar in Buenos Aires
"WynnsWoods" said:
Part of my professional line of work is as an online researcher. The N.Y. Times never made such a claim regarding Shoeless Joe's Alamo. I also note that this person has only done two posts here, both of which are boasting about this club.

I am not going to make any accusations, but might point out that I have been approached on several occasions about posting on forums here for pay.

I do find it interesting that not only does the N.Y. Times now review Buenos Aires bars, but somehow it is relevant to a thread regarding a restaurant that serves ribs.
I'm not as impressed with Kansas as everyone else is. My wife grew up 3 blocks away in Acasusso and loves it. I don't see what is so's okay but nothing to write home about. All I need to be happy is a good morcilla (sp?), provoleta, and matambrito de cerdo. You can get that anywhere.