Re: Pediatrician/Dentist?


Aug 10, 2006
"NJCaramelo" said:
Thanks for making our family's transition here so easy. This site has been very helpful! My husband, son and I just got OSDE 310 health insurance. We are looking for a good pediatrician (preferably one that speaks English.) and a pediatric dentist. We live in Barrio Norte, 2 blocks from Alto Palermo Shopping. Any references is greatly appreciated. Also, if you know of any OB/GYN and Dr. for me and my husband that will be great too! Gracias!
Usually the insurance companies have a phone number for affiliates, if you call them and ask them for recommendation of english speaking doctors that work with them I am sure they will give you the right info :) I have Medicus so I guess I can´t be of help, perhaps there are other members on this forum that have OSDe and can guide you as well.V
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