Re: Should I, should I not....


I empathise with you and can tell you my story of how i ended up living in Argentina if you like, privately or on this forum.
Don't give up!

well, i could say similar things about myself but i am all canadian who fell in love with several aspects of argentina and its people by way of an exchange. i am 30 yrs old and will be moving there in the spring (north american) with my son. i have spent loads of years in canada, a few in argentina, and a while in asia. this is what persuaded me to finally go and make a life there: one's parents don't know what is right for anyone besides them (and maybe not even that). and i want my son to know (see and believe) that you have to follow your heart. there is no other way to happiness of any sort (security is perhaps another issue) but there is poverty everywhere and if you have foreign contacts and resources you have as much of a safety net as anyone can ask for. if you argue that your parents should have stayed, then i think that means you want that for yourself.