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"tanghetto" said:
Ernie you are speak some bad words for Kirchner. You like bad men, you like bad government like Menem. You enjoy to see the poor not get any help from government so you can have your country estate in Hurlingham and your english tea.
English steal from us Malvinas . We will have our Malvinas soon ERNIE and you can have your cold and grey United Kingdom
Let me share my opinion of socialism with you. When a government starts to help people out with certain matters it usually follows suit by making a law that says that it and only it is allowed to handle that matter. Then it decides that the matter must be economical so it does all it can to keep the cost at a minimum and that in turn makes the service unreliable, unprofessional and often unusable and then we are left with a field that people can't freely participate in any more so that no other service is offered than the one provided by the government which is 100% unusable.Sorry if that came out a little crazy but I'm sorta tired and just trying to make a reply. Hope you got what I meant.


K. is a briliant doctor. Giving fuel away for free and then thinking the problem goes away. Just brilliant.
My cousy little hotel in Microcentre has just upped there prices in 5 months for 50% procent. Only morons will think the tourist will keep coming back


I am new to the site and at the risk of getting grilled my question is why would anyone go to Argentina given the angst that many people seem to have about the place.
My wife and I were thinking of buying some property for our second home but it seems like everyone is unhappy? I have put a bullett proof vest (in case I offend someone on the site) on but is there any good reason to come down these days? Is it better in other parts of the country outside of BA?


"K. is a briliant doctor. Giving fuel away for free and then thinking the problem goes away. Just brilliant". Almost as brillant as staying in a country that you dislike and of which you complain all of the time.
My cousy little hotel in Microcentre has just upped there prices in 5 months for 50% procent. Only morons will think the tourist will keep coming back. It´s funny you critize K for the fuel, but at the same time you complain about your "cousy" (cozy????) hotel for raising the prices. What if there was an increase in demand for hotel rooms, can´t the owner of the hotel increase the price per night? Have you ever been in New York during peak season, they will charge you 300 % more for a cheap hotel room.


PK - I haven't met any of the other posters here but fwiw, after several trips to Bs As in the last 18 months, I'm packing my bags & moving there in 6 weeks. Yes, there are a lot of problems & it's not the amazing bargain it was back in 2002 but it is still one of the great affordable cities to visit! It's also got a lot to offer from a cultural (museums, etc) perspective as well as a very fun nightlife.
I know some friends who own a real-estate company have recently financed an apt building in Bs As & they're having no problem selling the apts. I also have several friends who are looking at buying there as an investment (but with the caveat that they're not looking to make a quick buck but to hold the property for a bit)
For those of you complaining about the prices, have you visited Europe lately?? Talk about sticker shock....


Thanks for the note citygirl. We have traveled a ton and there is no perfect place in the world. No place stays the same. Hope things go well for you. We are going to head over to the Mendoza area. Some of the issues here on the forum do not seem to be as much a problem over there.


LOL tatanbsba. If someone thinks Argentina has issues hang out in Africa or Cambodia or China or Thailand etc etc. I have found even my rudimentary spanish is appreciated when accompanied with a smile and sincerety. I always try and respect someone elses culture and country because its not my country. I was recently asked to contribute to a Spanish police officers personal fund at a traffic stop in Tenerife. I was pissed stupid because my spanish is horrible (I am working on that for Argentina!) and he knew english just fine. I was out a $100 and mad for two days but I still liked tenerife. Most people were very nice.

Some here will say I am a chump but if I get to the point where I am really unhappy with someplace I will leave. Which is why my wife and I need time away from the US. Its gotten crazy between war, prices, and fear. Take care!


Glad you are not put off!!
Yes Argentina may have some problems but as you said so has everywhere else just different ones.
As many people love living here as dont!!


Argentina is not the US, Europe or anything else but Argentina! Each country has its own hysteria and personality. Most expats get mad because of smoke, or noise, dirt, food, people, prices, but that is because you are not a native! I could find all kind of problems in other places as well. It is just a matter of tastes. Some americans are sick of the war, the taxes, health insurance issues, media, rigidity in their country, some argentinians crave for that and that is why they live, each person has different reasons and motivations and they are all valid. I think most people on this board complain ue to culture shock: like it or not, there is a culture here, with the good and the bad, and it is certainly different than your home country´s, but hey, isn´t that expected when you move to a diff country? We do have problems and hopefully we will work them out, but all countries have problems! And despite inflation, people live, it might sound weird, but us argentinians are used to our own chaos, and it is understandable that expats get shocked. You will find some things similar to what you have back home ( I guess the culture shock is milder than if you move to Japan ) but it is and will be different, I do not have the ability to say if it is better or worse, I can certainly say it is different.