Recieving Cd/dvd In Post?


Mar 27, 2014
I recently came back from the UK with a new Xbox 360 and brought some games with me. Of course, it is a different region and even if it wasn't the games are stupidly expensive here. Those who live in the UK will know you can get games pretty cheap via GAME, so I was thinking have buying some ro my brother's address there and have him just send me the actual game disc in a letter (regular envelope, or maybe slightly padded one).

Has anyone tried this with a CD, DVD, or anything similar? I accept the risk of it being stolen, I am more interested if there is a chance of success or not, whether it will come directly to my address, or whether I will have to head to Correo Argentino in Retiro. I sent a ring here once, and some books, but that was four years ago. It will be coming to an Argentine person's address... not sure if that makes any difference.