Re: Cost of recieving an international call


May 26, 2007
Yes they all do it. I get charged for an international call whether on my UK phone or my BsAs one. The companies make a killing charging both ends for the same call, I even had to pay when someone rang a wrong number.
Get your friends to text you and call them back from a locotorio, they are cheap as chips.
"tangobob" said:
Yes they all do it.

No, not all. I use CTI (Prepaid) here in BsAs and if I receive a call with "Llamada a su cargo" you would pay for it. If you receive a "Llamada privado" you don't pay nothing.But in real this handling exists too if a people from Movistar or Personal will call you on your CTI phone and also from a phone cabin - as Telecom offers this in the last bill - that you can call your family of costs of them from a public cabine.bye schef4711

from Europe it should be different because not each call will be cost something . Even if you don't have a credit on your Prepaid they can't get money :eek:)
But with Movistar and CTI I never reached any SMS :( With Personal maybe it is the same in fact that they don't accept int. Calls.But with a Prepaid-Card from Spain (old Amena now O2) you can use like Movistar, CTI or Personal in Roaming mode and will receive each call and each SMS :) It is funny !!!
bye schef4711