Reduced flight schedules and current entry / exit requirements


yeah, seems that way but for now i'm gonna hold my ticket for the 25th and see if anything opens up in a few days that's confirmed.
Looks like the 3rd is sold out already. I would try to get a reservation for 10, 17, 24 ...

United Flights IAH - EZE in the system:
Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 10.41.26 AM.png


Here are some notes for anyone trying to return to Argentina. These are not well structured, but might be helpful.

OK, so my flight on Monday was cancelled on Sunday, but then reinstated several hours later.

I don't know why ANAC told American to cancel but then gave approval later. I was very fortunate in that once a flight is cancelled you're forced to rebook to the same flight.

Once i was cancelled i was lucky to get a seat on July 19, the next available was August 2. A herioc Aadvantage agent got me rebooked when the flight was uncancelled.

The flight was super full.

Once I arrived, migraciones was easy (i'm a PR). Aduanas did want to chat about the contents of some of my bags. I played the stupid yankee card and got through without too much trouble. Really the problem is I work with computers and usually carry a personal computer and work computer. Takes some explaining why I do that.

Once i got through migraciones/aduanas i headed to get the nasal rapid antigen test.

30 minutes of waiting later and i could escape the airport. I did see someone led away with a positive result.

The declaracion jurada is asking for vaccine cards if you chose to vaccinate abroad.

I'm now holed up in one of our vacation rentals for the next 7 days at which i will leave to get a PCR test which will mean i can rejoin my family.

Hope this helps anyone else.
If your flight is cancelled doesn't the airline automatically rebook you? I assume they honor the fare. What exactly is the procedure?


they won't know the approved flights for the week until Argentina says which ones. For instance, DFW-EZE has been cancelled everyday for weeks. if that is your flight i'd suggest rebook.

Flight aware says this about UA 818:
It flew for july: 2, 4, 8, 9, 11, 13, 14. Before this episode of "What will argentina do next".. it was 4 times a week SMWF. Looks like UA hasn't been too impacted from this.

American Airlines has seen only a handful of planes leave JFK for EZE and DFW has been pretty much abandoned. Leaving Miami as their primary route to EZE.


If your flight is cancelled doesn't the airline automatically rebook you? I assume they honor the fare. What exactly is the procedure?
Absolutely, they'll rebook you on the next free seat. Just now,, all the seats are taken until mid August. If your flight is cancelled, they won't kick someone off a flight for you.


Does the IATA schedule reflect the approved flights?
The reservation systems should by now reflect the ANAC approved/not approved flights until July 31 (with some airlines such as Aerolineas even until August 6).

Why do you recommend only tues flight?
Because if you take a look at the approved flights (approved to carry passengers) for July there is a clear pattern:

United Airlines approved flights from IAH to EZE (source: SirChandler Blog and Aviacionline)
  • June 29 Tuesday
  • July 6 Tuesday
  • July 13 Tuesday
  • July 17 Saturday
  • July 20 Tuesday
  • July 27 Tuesday
No other United flights to Argentina have been approved for July (according to Aviacionline and SirChandler Blog). So, all Tuesday flights and only one Saturday flight have been approved in July. But this is of course no guarantee that they will approve Tuesday flights in August, but still probably the safest bet ...


They aren't even letting family members in at the moment
What is the status in this regard? Was this also covered in the DNU extension (until beginning of August I believe)? If so, I guess nobody knows how long this is going to last .... Are there any workarounds (e.g. apply in an Argentinian embassy in Europe for a temporary residence)? Or if I would get a job interview/offer? (in March I met a German tourist [no relation to Argentina whatsoever] who entered the country based on a job interview ... )